Thursday, April 10

Lily & Lulu

Lily & Lulu are two characters created by Christèle S. who asked me to draw them for her shop online. She creates children's clothes and needed two mascots -a little girl and a little boy- for her website. So here's the result... I didn't color them on purpose because she knows exactly the colors she wants and has decided to do it herself! Here's a link to her website if you wish to buy clothes for your child! -but its not online yet, so you won't be able to access for the moment!

Monday, March 24

What's next?

Its been one week now since I came back from New York, and I'm sorry if I haven't posted earlier but I've been quite busy! So here's the illustration I drew when I was in NY.

Voilà une semaine que je suis revenue de New York et pourtant ma tête et mon coeur sont encore là-bas... Désolée de faire trainer mon blog...

Sunday, March 16

Goodbye New York...

I wish I could stay longer in the city but today's my 90th day in New York and the United States are kicking me out! Anyway, I'll be back soon.

I don't have time to finish to paint the illustration I drew for the occasion, so I'll post it from Paris!

A tender goodbye to all the people I met during these three months... see you all very soon.


Sunday, March 2

Won't you come and see loneliness? Just one leaf from the kiri tree - Bashō Matsuo

This is an illustration I drew weeks ago for the blog, and I totally forgot about it... The Haiku by the japanese poet Bashō came to my mind after I drew these little mango girls. I wanted to add japanese writtings to the drawing but I haven't found the real japanese haiku yet...

Juste une illustration faite il y a quelques semaines pour le blog mais que j'avais complètement oubliée. Le haiku du poète japonais
Bashō m'est venue à l'esprit après avoir réalisée l'illu, et j'aurais bien aimé y ajouter les caractères japonais au dessin mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé le poème en japonais...

C'est tout!

Wednesday, February 27

(In my bubble)

I've been quite busy these last few days with a friend visiting me here in New York (yes blame it on him), so I apologize if I've been kinda slow to post haha...

Here's an illustration made for a website which asks people existential questions. Each week about 10 illustrated answers are chosen by the webmasters. Illustrators can eather choose to pick in the "orphans section" (answers that haven't been illustrated yet) or to illustrate their own answer. I've decided to write and illustrate my own answer.

The question was :
"Where is your favorite place in the world and why?"

And here's my answer... the text is kinda corny, I know (although it sounds ok to my frenchie ears...), but my roomate hasn't corrected it yet... haha! Hey you can't blame me, english is not my maternal language!! Geez...

(Dans ma bulle)

Ouuuh j'ai été très occupée ces derniers jours alors ne m'en voulez pas si je mets du temps entre mes postes haha...

Voici une illu faite pour un site américain assez particulier.
Le site "pose" plusieurs questions, auxquelles les internautes donnent librement leurs réponses. Les "answers" choisies deviennent alors des "orphans" si elles n'ont pas encore été illustrées. Tous les vendredis, le site choisit de publier une dizaine de réponses. J'ai décidé de répondre moi-même à une question, et de l'illustrer.

La question était:
"Quelle est votre endroit préféré sur terre et pourquoi?"

Voici ma réponse... (je crois que pour les américains mon texte est assez "corny" (soit un peu cucu) mais ma roomate n'a pas encore eu le temps de le reprendre... hahaha!)

Thursday, February 14

23 little mangos are hidden under my mango tree...

Welcome to all the mango lovers!

Today I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday, so I've decided to open my very first blog!

Happy Valentine's day to all the lucky couples... and for all the lonely hearts that haven't found their soulmates yet, well... just pretend this day is like any other day and who knows... next year might be the one!


Sous mon manguier se cachent 23 petites mangues...

Bienvenue à tous les amateurs de mangues!

Aujourd'hui je fête mes 23 ans, alors voilà, je me lance, j'inaugure mon tout premier blog.

Joyeuse Saint Valentin à tout ceux qui ont la chance de ne former qu'un... et pour toutes les petites moitiés de coeur encore perdues, faites comme ci c'était un jour comme un autre. Et qui sait, l'année prochaine sera peut être la bonne...

Bon appétit!